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The intention of Audio Adventures is to encourage free thinking and meaningful conversations between children ages 4-7 and caring adults. Each story is 3-5 minutes in length (short and sweet, baby), complete with background music and sound effects (super fun!) Story themes are inspired by REAL kids and REAL life. The characters and situations are meant to be relatable and spark insight. From feeling the need to cheat on a spelling test to having a disagreement with your best friend, we provide a platform children to reflect on a level that caters to them. At the end of every episode, we share 3-4 "talk back questions" for listeners to explore. 

Any feedback or suggestions; feel free to reach out using the form at the bottom of this page. 


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"Everybody Launches Air Biscuits"

Overview: During the height of an obstacle course, Belinda.. well.. launches an "air biscuit" (fart) in front of all of her classmates. Needless to say, she is MORTIFIED! 

Themes: embarrassment, Learning to laugh at yourself



"Baking With Antonio"

Overview: Antonio's favourite thing to do is bake. So when his class hosts a bake sale, he feels the ultimate pressure to bake the perfect chocolate cupcakes

Themes: making mistakes, following safety rules


"Sleepover At Aunt Frankie's"

Overview: Tanisha is stoked to spend the weekend with her Aunt Frankie. As the weekend comes to an end, she struggles with the idea of having to leave 

Themes: Disappointment, creating memories


"Tori's Tacos"

Overview: It's Taco Tuesday at the community centre and Tori is soooo excited. But too many tacos leads to the inevitable (insert poop noise).  Pooping in public isn't ideal, but there's no way that Tori can hold it in, she's gotta figure it out.... and FAST!

Themes: public washroom use and safety, being embarrassed 





"Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater"

Overview: Despite studying for hours, Santana continuously scores low on her spelling tests. She decides to take matters into her own hands by cheating.. and gets CAUGHT!

Themes: making bad decisions, getting in trouble, studying/learning styles


"Best Friends Forever?"

Overview: When Amaya accidentally tattles on Tanya, Tanya says their friendship is OVER. Amaya tries to explain that it was all a misunderstanding, trying to apologize and save their friendship

Themes: communication, friendship, apologizing, accountability


"Chance's Bedtime Routine"

Overview: Falling asleep and staying asleep is tough for Chance. She tries a variety of new "bedtime routines" in hopes of overcoming this issue

Themes: personal routines, perseverance, trial and error


"Picture Perfect Penelope"

Overview: For as long as she can remember, Penelope has always wanted to be an artist, but she fears sharing her art work with others because of what they might think

Themes: perfectionism, practice, taking chances, failure 


"Cruz Makes The Cut"

Overview: Cruz is pretty much great at everything he does... everything! So when he doesn't make his school's basketball team, he has to learn how to deal with the emotions of learning how to "fail"

Themes: failure, trying hard, perseverance


"Kendra’s Birthday Party"

Overview: Kendra is super excited for her 11th birthday party, but she can only invite 5 people to her birthday party! She must deal with the pushback of her classmates who aren't invited to her party, she even thinks about cancelling her party to salvage friendships

Themes: making choices, having tough conversations, friendship breakups


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