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Batman Beyond Party

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Book Batman straight from Gotham to your party. With a fully licensed costume, he's sure to impress your guests and create the perfect Instagram-worthy photo ops. 



5 Minutes - Grand Entrance, Meet and Greet with Guests, Craft set up (DIY Superhero masks)

10 Minutes – Batman Fun and Games (Team Challenge, "Batman Says")

30 Minutes - Mask Craft and Glitter Tattoos (Glitter Tattoos take 2-3 minutes per child). Each child gets one-on-one time as Batman applies their Tattoo.​ Please have an area set up for Batman to apply tattoos (one table and two chairs)

15 Minutes – Photos and Cake Cutting (Batman will be with children while adults take photos, ends with the group singing Happy Birthday and cake cutting with Birthday Girl/Boy). Batman will then get a phone call telling him there's an "emergency" in Gotham, he will swiftly say goodbye, grab all of the craft supplies and rush out to save the day.

Please note:Batman will bring materials and supplies for mask craft and Glitter Tattoos, however he does not travel with a speaker, table, or chairs. Package includes craft supplies for up to 10 children, each additional participant is $1/child. 


Q: What set-up do I need for Batman?

A: All you need is a clear area for children to complete their craft and play activities, a table and two chairs (for tattoos), and a speaker/sound system to play Batman's entrance music upon arrival. To access music, simply search "All The Craze Batman Party" on Spotify. If you do not have Spotify, no worries, we can send the song via email, no problemo.

Q: How do I know when to start the music?

A: Batman will send you a text message when he is about to arrive giving you a 10 minute heads up. Please send a designated person to meet him at the door/lobby upon arrival to help facilitate his entrance

Q: What should I do with the little guests while Batman is applying tattoos?

A: Since the children will be making their craft on their own, having a few adults in the area will help. We also require the craft supplies to be cleaned and packed up for Batman. For music to set the mood - check out our playlist on Spotify entitled "All The Craze TV - Kids Party Music" or the above Superhero Playlist "All The Craze Batman Party"..

Q: When can I take pictures?

A: Right before the cake, there will be designated time for photos, but feel free to snap away while Batman is in action. Don't forget to tag us on Instagram @allthecrazetv

Q: I'm only expecting a few children, can I rejig the itinerary to accommodate more photo time?

A: Absolutely, just let us know and we can create a little something-something that works for ya. Packages are 1 hour minimum.

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