Batman Party

Book Batman straight from Gotham to your party. With a fully licensed costume, he's sure to impress your guests and create the perfect Instagram-worthy photo ops. 




5 Minutes -

Grand Entrance, Meet and Greet with Guests, Craft set up (DIY Superhero masks)

10 Minutes –

Batman Fun and Games (Team Challenge, "Batman Says")

30 Minutes -

Mask Craft and Glitter Tattoos (Glitter Tattoos take 2-3 minutes per child). Each child gets one-on-one time as Batman applies their Tattoo. Please have an area set up for Batman to apply tattoos (one table and two chairs)

15 Minutes –

Photos and Cake Cutting (Batman will be with children while adults take photos, ends with the group singing Happy Birthday and cake cutting with Birthday Girl/Boy). Batman will then get a phone call telling him there's an "emergency" in Gotham, he will swiftly say goodbye, grab all of the craft supplies and rush out to save the day.


Please note:Batman will bring materials and supplies for mask craft and Glitter Tattoos, however he does not travel with a speaker, table, or chairs. Package includes craft supplies for up to 10 children, each additional participant is $1/child. 



Q: How should we prepare for Batman?

A: Please have a designated area for the children to do their crafts as well as a table and two chairs for Glitter Tattoos

Q: What kind of costume does he wear? I sure hope it's not a cheap one from Party City!

A: Noooo way! It's not from Party City (no shade). Our costume is fully licensed and LEGIT!


Q: What’s the itinerary for the party?

A: Batman begins with a quick meet and greet, then hops right into our Craft and Glitter Tattoos. Once all children have transformed into Superheros, we do a fun active challenge and finish with photos and cake cutting.