Craft Stations/Parties

DIY Name Frames

This craft takes 30 minutes to complete, beginning to end. They're super cute, and an awesome addition to a bedroom. Material Cost per child is $4, this includes Pre-measured letter stickers (for each name), Backing Paper, Craft Supplies, and Frame. Frames are 4x6 with overall measurements of 7 Inches x 5 Inches, 1.5 Inch Depth.

Maximum 15 children per instructor

ATC Name Frames.jpg

Paint Parties

The Paint Party that comes to you! $4.00 Material Fee per participant, includes 10x10 inch canvas on wooden frame, Stencils, Water Based Acrylic Paints, Glitters, Mod Podge (for Glitter),  Washi Tape, and Paint Brushes. We begin with a couple of icebreaker games, then go into a short tutorial, put on some music, and get creative. Did we mention that we have aprons for the kiddos too? This party takes a total of 60 minutes to complete, start to finish! 

Maximum 10 children per instructor


Q: I'm expecting more children than the maximum permits, what should I

A: You can book an additional instructor (so multiply the cost of instructor x 2) OR have the children rotate through in 2 groups back to back. 

Q: I have art supplies already, can you just use what I have for a discounted rate?

A: We've got specific supplies that we use to ensure that the crafts come out perfect! If you want the children to use your supplies in addition to ours, that's not a problem, but we will still have the same consumable fee. 

Q: I've got a different craft in mind, can you accommodate?

A: Let's talk and figure it out. There will be an additional fee for custom services. 

Q: Do you clean up afterwards?

A: Yup! All of our crafts are pretty self-contained but we do clean up any mess left over.