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The perfect addition to ANY party. With this station, guests make their way down the assembly line to build their own cupcake. 

Station includes:

- Signage and Table Decor

- Cupcakes

- Frosting

- Sprinkles (4 colours)

- Single Cupcake Box with window

- DIY Label for Cupcake Box

* We can provide the tables as well, just let us know! 

STEP 1 - DIY Label

We've got blank round labels that children can decorate/design, being as creative as possible. Includes markers and stick on gems

STEP 2 - Icing-Icing-Baby

Chocolate? Vanilla? Your wish is our command. Guests spread on the frosting to their liking

STEP 3 - Sprinkle Sprinkle Little Star

With a variety of 4 sprinkle types, you can get your shine on boo. 

STEP 4 - Box it up

Cupcake is inserting into cupcake box (with handles), ready to take home

This station is perfect for you if:

- you're looking for a memorable "take home" for your guests

- guests will be arriving at various times (great to have as a beginning station, as guests arrive)

- you have children attending your event

PRICING (with 1 Staff):

1-24 Children, 1 Hour = $150 plus $50

25-48 Children, 1 Hour = $200 plus $75



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