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The perfect gift item OR DIY project for yourself. It’s simple, chic, and easy on your pockets!


Materials Needed:

  • White Ceramic Mug

  • Container that you don’t mind throwing out (to dip the mug in)

  • Nail Polish (you can use one colour or multiple)

  • Assorted Chocolates and/or Candies for inside of the mug (optional)

  • Cellophane Bag and Ribbon(optional)

  • Printable “Treat Yourself” label (see below)



  1. Cover your working space with plastic or large paper

  2. Fill your container with lukewarm water (leaving a little space at the top)

  3. Pour in a small amount of nail polish (it's normal for some to drop to the bottom of the container... don't overdo it on this step though)

  4. QUICKLY use your toothpick to create a marbled design (the nail polish hardens so fast, so use your time wisely)

  5. Dip the area of the mug that you want your marble design to be on (not close to where you put your mouth)

  6. Allow to dry for 1 hour

  7. (OPTIONAL) Fill a small plastic bag with chocolates and treats, don't forget to print the label below (right click image and select "save image")


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Treat Yourself.png
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