Face Painting

Face Painters in Toronto and the GTA are actually quite easy to come across (there are a ton of us lol), it's just a matter of finding the right fit for you and your guests.

When booking a Face Painter for your party or event, it’s important to have an idea of:

  • How many children you are expecting, and how many will be interested in Face Painting

  • The length of time needed to get everyone's face painted (our simple face paint designs take 5 minutes per child, which allows us to move through your line up quickly and free up time for other activities like balloon animals, games, dance, and more)

  • Other activities planned (do you have activities to keep the kids occupied for the wait time?)

  • Your budget!


Why book a Face Painter: 

  • Kids LOVE it, looks great in photos

  • Memorable for adults and children

Keep in mind:

Face Painting is time consuming (we recommend having other activities available for the children)

Children under age 4 typically wont sit still (many prefer a tattoo on the hand instead.. which is a great introduction to face painting.. baby steps, right?) 

If children are sweating, Face Paint can smudge (we recommend doing any active games/dance BEFORE face painting begins)

Remember, with our custom packages you can mix and match Face Painting with our other activities

pinkpaint (2).png


Q: What type of Face Paint do you use?

A: All of our Face Paints are hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, and FDA approved. As far as the brands go, Snazaroo, Global Paints and TAG are among our favourites

Q: How should I choose the timing of my services?

A: It's better to be safe than sorry. We recommend sending out a quick communication to your guests confirming their attendance. This will keep you organized and get the kids excited for the party! 

Q: What is some of the guests don't want to paint their face?

A: Oh baby, we can do tattoo style on the hand or arm ;) 

Q: I only want to book one Face Painter but I don't want the kids waiting in a long line up.  What options do I have?

A: No problemo! Before beginning, our Face Painter will get all of the kids signed up on a list, they'll then call the children up one by one. Kids never have to wait in line or worry about missing their turn.

Q: Can adults get Face Painting?