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March 2019

Ok, so our first event was a complete and total success. All of the girls were amazing, the activities were cool, we were busy the entire time and we've laid the foundation for our girl squad. 

Here's how the day went:

At 12:30pm, the girls started showing up, they were greeted in the lobby by our wonderful Girl'd Representatives Mervyan and Avri, where they got a complimentary bottle of water and filled out their smoothie order forms. We then played a couple of icebreaker games while watching music videos on the projector. 

Stenciled Canvas Painting began at 1pm. Girls had the option of choosing one of our Pineapple Stencils or free-handing their own art (I mean an artist should have no boundaries, right?)

2pm = SMOOTHIE TIME. We sat in the lounge, enjoyed our custom smoothies, and got to know  a little better... this ended in a group game of hide and seek in the office. 

Last, but not least, cupcake decorating. Girls made sprinkle-filled "Pinata Cupcakes" to take home. Colourful, and sweet, what more could we ask for?

The perfect ending to the perfect day, and there will definitely be a whole lot more. We got a lot of feedback and are slowly getting to know the group, our next event will be based on the activities that YOU said you wanted! K

Catch y'all on the flip-side! 

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