Fun Family Activities For The Home

A lot can change in just a few days. Earlier this week, we were preparing for all of the March Break events in Toronto - bringing you our top choices for ultimate kid fun. Since then, most large gatherings and special events have been cancelled or postponed due to Covid-19. Time to get crafty and imaginative with these simple things you can do for fun, in your own home!

1. Breakfast for Dinner

Honestly, this is such a great idea, and makes dinnertime sooo much easier. It's truly the simplest concept, but kids will literally eat it up. Sugary cereals for dessert, something new, something fresh, something wild.

2. Host a Birthday Party

Throw a completely random Birthday Party for the family, use what you have around the house - improvise and get creative. Everyone blows out the candles.

3. Pyjama Day

What's better than staying in your PJs ALL DAY long? Nothing. Point made.

4. Movie Night

Give the kids something to look forward to, do the whole shower and pyjamas thing before starting the movie and if you're lucky, you'll transition into bedtime with ease.

5. Nature Walk/Scavenger Hunt

Get to know your community better, take routes that you normally don't. There are TONS of scavenger hunt lists online that you can print out or screen shot. You can collect the items as you go, or better yet, take pictures - these will last a lifetime.

6. Start a (Family) YouTube Channel

Most kids these days dream of being the next YouTube sensation, and many parents just don't have the time to help them create videos - well, there's not better time than now. You can start a family channel (vlog style, no fancy equipment needed) or work with your children to produce content of their own. There are plenty of video editing apps (free), and if you've got an iphone or ipad, "imovie" works perfectly.

7. Make a Craft

Do your "googles", prowl through Pinterest. Enough said.

8. Talent Show

There are some things about us that our kids should never know, but why not share your talents with them at the Family Talent Show? This is also a great opportunity to learn more about your children and their interests.

9. Whacky Hair/Clothing Day

This can be the ONE day that you let the kids get themselves ready without any parental input. Encourage creativity and finish with a Fabulous Fashion Show.

10. Daily "Reading Hour"

Whether your kids are reading on their own or just learning, enjoy the world of storytelling and imagination with a daily reading hour for everyone. Cozy up together, put on some low-fi music, turn on that oil diffuser with lavender essential oil... ahhhhh that's the stuff!

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Stay safe, stay calm, stay connected


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