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Less is More. Why Small Parties ALWAYS Win!

There really is nothing like going all out for your kids birthday – large venue, tons of guests, entertainment, the whole shebang, but let’s talk quality vs. quantity here. We’re not saying that you can’t throw a banging party with tons of guests… it’s just... REALLY hard. Smaller intimate parties take a load off of you, allow guests to spend quality time together, and experience meaningful interactions.

All the reasons why 10 guests maximum is a good idea:

- Less Kids = Less Mess = Less Stress

- Strategic Budgeting, more bang for your buck. Hello loot bags, party favours, yummy snacks

- Quality Programs and Activities

- Minimal Planning

- Ability to meet other parents – have parents join you for coffee/tea in kitchen while the kids do their thing!

- Creating memories with close friends

- Simple entertainment/programming (less differing interests to work with)

Ideas For Small Parties:

Pyjama Party/Sleepover

Dinner and a Movie (at home or in theatres)

Laser Tag


Mall Scavenger Hunt

Craft Parties (Bath Bombs, Slime, Candle Making, Paint Nite, DIY Mugs)

Yoga, Fitness, or Dance Class

Double Trouble – Parents Upstairs, Kids Downstairs

High Tea – Children’s Edition


Top Chef Cook off

Indoor/Outdoor Camping


Cake Decorating

Spa Party

Ceramic Painting

If you’re worried about folks feeling left out (since they weren't invited you can plan a family dinner at a restaurant (less work for you!), and maybe bring a treat in for the class, something easy like nut-free cupcakes or pencils. Remember, this day is about the Birthday Kid, think about what would make them happy and the activities they enjoy.

Peace out!

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