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10 Step Guide For Your Child's Sleepover Party

Let’s make sure your child’s DREAM sleepover doesn’t result in your NIGHTMARE! Follow our 10 simple guidelines to make your sleepover super fun and a breeze.

1. Less is More – Group Size

Think about how much space you have in your home, how many other people live in the house, and what areas you can use for sleeping (not to mention pets!). The magic number for us is anywhere between 4-6 guests, this allows you to create a special experience for everyone. Get those invites out ASAP. If your child wants to celebrate with a larger group, simply provide a box of cupcakes for the class.. easy peasy.

2. Set Up

Pick a theme and roll with it, then begin planning decor and activities (get some inspo on Pinterest). Great places to shop are Party City, Dollar Tree, Walmart (believe it or not), Michaels (don’t forget to go online to get their coupons), and Amazon. Choosing a theme will help keep you on track. Some recommendations are:




YouTube/Jojo Siwa

Top Chef

Arts and Crafts


3. Preparing the House

Do a basic clean, because you’ll definitely be doing a big sweep after! Remove things like expensive breakable decor items, alcoholic beverages, and anything else you don’t want on display for the little ones. Choose a designated space for hanging out and sleeping. If you have access to inflatable mattresses, these are a great option – easy to set up and take down. Transform the living room into the perfect sleeping spot by putting 1-3 mattresses in the space). Stock up on essentials (water, favourite snacks etc)

4. The Jumpoff

We suggest asking guests to arrive later in the day, close to dinner time. Have some music playing and snacks prepared; low-key, cool, casual. Be sure to get parents contact information and ask about any details you should be aware of (sleeping patterns, food allergies, medications etc). Make your guests feel at home, introduce yourself, and show them around (even the parents).

5. Activities and Entertainment

Depending on the age and interests of your guests you can have a lot of fun with this, crafts are always good as it gives children something to take home and remember the day by. Take lots of pictures and videos, these are moments you’ll want to capture. We assume your guests are a tad older, so they’ll probably want some alone time without adults hovering around them. Some free play isn't bad either - maybe craft supplies, DIY cupcakes, you get the picture!

6. Dinner Time!

Fun, Simple, and Tasty – that’s all you have to think about. The kids can prepare dinner themselves, like DIY mini pizzas, a Taco Bar, order in Pizza, or local options from UberEats. After dinner, blow out those candles and get ready to check out… your work is almost done.

7. Night Time Activities

Think about the things you liked doing with your friends as a kid.. heck think about the things you STILL like doing with your friends during hang out sessions. Popcorn and a movie, Karaoke, simple conversation circle around snacks, face masks, mini makeovers – endless possibilities. Be accessible should they need you, but leave them to their own devices.

8. Bed Time?

It’s up to you whether or not you’re going to enforce a hard bed time, usually children will be out cold by 12:30am, tweens, 2:00am. Just advise them to keep the noise down. It’s a good look to have everyone sleep in one open area like a living room or basement space. If you have extra blankets, air mattresses, and/or a comfy couch, time to whip them out!

9. Good Morning Beautiful

Usually kids will be up quite early despite going to bed late, you can help them by getting a start on breakfast.

At Home Breakfast Ideas:

Pancake Bar


Cinnamon Buns

Our Favourite Restaurants:


Cheesecake Factory


10. Clean Up

Have the basic clean up done by the kids, folding up the comforters, packing up their garbage and dishes, getting dressed and packing their bags. Make the “leaving process” an enjoyable one by having a small ice cream party. You can do it at home, step out and grab some Sundaes from McDonalds, or bring them to an Ice Cream Shop, completely up to you!

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