That's So Science

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The Science Show that comes to you! Three super cool experiments that'll keep kids on their toes. Each show is driven by the audience, we take votes to decide on the variables, measurements, and technique. How will the experiments turn out? No one knows! 

Children learn key concepts such as "experiment", "hypothesis", "variables", and more; a fun and exciting experience for all. Our scientists bring the show - we're talking materials, supplies, sound system, microphone, giveaways, and funky tunes. 

The show itself lasts 30 minutes, and is followed by a one on one meet and greet tattoo session with your scientist. 

Recommended for children 6 years and older.


Q: What type of set up do you require for this party?

A: Ideally, a clear space for the science table with plenty of seating for children. We ask that children be seated a minimum of 5 feet away from the science table.

Q: I have way more kids than the maximum. Can you come out and ONLY do the show.

A: Absolutely, you will be charged at the minimum price if you require only the show.

Q: What experiments do you showcase?

A: Giant Toothpaste, Monster Boogers, Exploding Burgers

Q: Can you do custom science experiments?

A: Yes, at an added cost. 

Q: Will children get messy when participating?

A: Nope. We will call up only 1-2 volunteers at a time - super manageable

Q: Can we do this show outdoors?

A: Yes we can, but we should be prepared with a rain plan. Also, windy conditions are less than ideal for this particular show. 


$200 for 1-15 children

$230 for 16-30 children

$260 for 30-45 children

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