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Could you ask for anything more simple yet chic... and not to mention, affordable. Step up your Valentines Game with this gift. You can literally put it together in just minutes.. so uhhh, let's get started. 


  • Cellophane Bag

  • Label (see below)


  • Donuts of your choice (these sprinkle guys are great for optics as they're pretty darn colourful, but just careful they don't get banged around or too hot)


1. Open Cellophane Bags (we got ours at Dollarama, be sure to get the thicker plastic - you can even pick up a few at bulk barn)

2. Carefully slide in donut of your choice

3. Secure Cellophane Bag by folding and taping at the back 

4. Print Label (see below and "right click" to save photo) - make sure its the correct size, it helps to lay it out on a Word Document and resize to your liking

5. Gift it to your amigos, amigas, or love interests ;)

Don't forget to tag us in Insta @girld_atc

Valentine's Donut Label.jpg
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