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Valentines Popcorn Header.jpg

Why not remind them that they make your heart pop with sooooo much love? Sweet and Salty or Signature Flavour, it's completely up to you! 


  • Cellophane Bag

  • Custom Label (see below)


  • Popcorn (we used microwave, but you can use pre-popped)

  • Yogurt Covered Pretzels (Bulk Barn)

  • Pink and Red Smarties (Bulk Barn)


1. Prepare all ingredients and open Cellophane Bag

2. Layer your ingredients inside and arrange in bag to your preference

3. Fold over Cellophane Bag and secure with tape

4. Print and adhere Custom Label (see below)


  • Try not to move the buttery popcorn around too much in the bag as it will leave residue

  • Display Pretzels towards the front of the bag

  • To print label, right click image below, save to your computer, and resize it to your liking in Google Docs or MS Word

Valentines Popcorn Label.jpg
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