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Workshops for Students Grades 1-8

Our Urban Arts department encourages students to safely explore a variety of art forms from an anti-oppressive and equity driven framework. We’re cool, fun, and relatable. Our in-school workshops are interactive and inclusive, we adapt to all abilities and levels.


Using pop culture references, (social) media, and technology, this curriculum package engages students in a non-traditional way. We’re always adding new instructional videos and updated assignments to keep teachers up to date on the latest trends.

Cute Girl in Classroom

Each package includes:

  • Teachers working guide

  • Pre-Workshop Activities (Hooks)

  • One 2 Hour in-school workshop for students grades 4-8 facilitated by All The Craze Entertainment Instructor (suitable for up to 60 students for Dance and 30 students for Drama) OR Two 1 Hour in-school workshops for students grades 1-3 facilitated by All The Craze Entertainment Instructor (suitable for up to 30 students, 2 classes back to back)

  • Post Workshop Activities (Consolidation)

  • 3 months access to our interactive instructional videos (or until completion of in class workshop)


Benefits of the program:

  • Minimal planning for teachers, all assignments can be adjusted to meet individual classroom needs

  • Direct linkage to all Ontario Arts Curriculum Expectations (nothing gets missed)

  • We come to you! No booking school busses, or even worse, TTC and other public transportation. Easy-peasy

  • The in-school workshop facilitated by our instructors is a great opportunity to snag some photos and videos for your schools social media, website, yearbook, or end of year slideshow

  • Classes can double up and enjoy the fun, promoting inclusion and teamwork

  • Self guided learning for students

  • Easy booking processes

Drama Curriculum
Upside Down


Q: I am a teacher of an ISP/Special Education Classroom, would you recommend this workshop for my students?

A: We can always adjust the in-school workshop content to meet your needs. Just one 10 minute phone call with one of our coordinators to answer questions such as, "can your students handle a crowded gym?", and "Will the loud music be irritating?". We’ll then send you a personalized workshop outline for review.


Q: What space do you recommend for the 2 hour in-school workshops?

A: Ideally, we prefer an open gym, however we’ve carried out workshops inside of classrooms, cafeterias, foyers, libraries, and portables. All we need is a clear space (free of safety hazards), electrical access, and smiling students.


Q: Can my students take a recess break?

A: Best case scenario, we’d like to run the 2 hour workshop non-stop - students can bring their snacks to the gym and we can take a 10 minute snack break. If teachers have recess-duty, no problem, we can accommodate - things work best if students bring their coats, shoes, etc to the workshop and we dismiss directly from the gym


Q: Our students are paying $3 each for the workshop, what should we do about students who cannot afford this fee?

A: Ask us about our subsidy program for low-income families. We do have funds set aside for this particular reason, it’s on a first-come, first-serve basis, so hurry-hurry!


Q: I’ve booked my workshop, however I want to change the date, what should I do?

A: Totally understandable, things happen! We ask that any changes take place at least 10 days before your workshop date, we will do our best to accommodate a new day


Q: What equipment do I need to provide?

A: Absolutely nothing! We bring everything we need to make magic happen!


Q: How should I prepare my students for the upcoming workshop?

A: Assure students that this will be a fun experience and they are being marked on participation, as long as they are engaged and trying their best, they’ll be just fine (this will help alleviate those pesky nerves). Students should bring a water bottle, activewear, and comfortable running shoes. If your school allows for phones/recording devices, some students like to film their end of workshop performances. Another tool is our Teacher Checklist


Q: Can I book the workshop on a day with a supply teacher covering?

A: Ofcourse!


Q: Can we request songs?

A: For the most part, we have a lineup of songs we use, but if you book in advance this shouldn’t be a problem. As long as the music is appropriate, we’re good to go.


Q: My website login isn’t working, what should I do?

A: Email us, we’ll get right on it,


Q: Our class is planning a performance for the spring concert, can we use the choreography learned in the workshop?

A: Yes, you can even let us know your song ahead of time and we’ll prepare a little something special for ya!


Q: What other services does All The Craze Entertainment offer for schools?

A: Drama Workshops, Anti-bullying Workshops, and Girls Empowerment Workshops. We also do Face Painting, Balloon Animals, Tattoos, Active Games and more for School Festivals and Family Fun Nights. Check the website!

Dance Curriculum
Drama Curriculum
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