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Hey, cutie! Nothing planned just yet, but feel free to add us on Instagram to stay up to date @allthecrazetv


Storytime & Crafts
(ages 5-7)

It was definitely a jam packed hour with the kiddos. We started with some colouring and LEGO as the kids arrived, then headed straight over the the mats for story time. We listened to the very first episode of "Audio Adventures" (our podcast - woot woot!) and discussed the themes around feelings of embarrassment and learning how to laugh at yourself. Then we cranked up the volume to 110 for active games and team challenges before designing our very own sunglasses for summer. 

The event ended with a mini marketplace where participants could use their play money to purchase small toys and stationery items. 

CANNOT wait for the next one :)

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DIY Bedroom Decor and Cupcake Decorating
(ages 11-14)

Here's how the day went:

12:30pm: the girls were greeted in the lobby where they got a complimentary bottle of water and filled out their smoothie order forms. We then played a couple of icebreaker games while watching music videos on the projector. 

1pm: Stenciled Canvas Painting

2pm: SMOOTHIE TIME. We sat in the lounge and got to know  a little better... this ended in a group game of hide and seek in the office 

3pm: Cupcake Decorating. We made sprinkle-filled "Pinata Cupcakes" to take home. 

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