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Friday, December 29th 2023. 11:00am-1:30pm

Mid-Scarborough Hub (2660 Eglinton Ave E, M1K 2S3)


The Beads and Besties Workshop is a fun, FREE and engaging event designed specifically for 10-12 year olds. This workshop aims to create a positive and supportive environment where young people can learn about and develop healthy friendships.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Discussions and Activities: Participants will engage in meaningful discussions and activities focused on various aspects of creating and maintaining healthy friendships. Topics include communication, trust, empathy, and conflict resolution.

  • Friendship Bracelet Making: In the second half of the workshop, girls will have the opportunity to showcase their creativity and bond with their peers by making friendship bracelets. This activity encourages collaboration and self-expression.

  • Snacks, Music, and Good Vibes: To enhance the overall experience, the workshop will provide healthy and delicious snacks to keep the energy up. Additionally, upbeat music and a positive atmosphere will create a fun and enjoyable environment for all participants.

Join us for an afternoon of learning, laughter, and the chance to build lasting friendships. Empowering children to create and maintain healthy and meaningful connections! 

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Q: What is the age range for the workshop?

A: The workshop is designed for children ages 10-12

Q: How long is the workshop?

A: The workshop starts right at 11am and wrap up at 1:30pm

Q:Who will be leading the workshop?

A: Experienced facilitators who specialize in empowerment and friendship development


Q: Will snacks be provided during the workshop?

A: Yes, healthy and delicious snacks will be provided to keep the energy up. Please let us know of any allergies or food restrictions upon registration

Q: Is there a registration fee for the workshop?

A: Nope, this event is free and fully accessible

Q: What should my child wear and bring?

A: Participants should wear comfortable clothing and can bring a water bottle. All necessary materials for the activities will be provided.

Q: Will parents be allowed to stay during the workshop?

A: Parents are not required to stay during the workshop. However, there is a seating area upstairs where parents can relax

Q: Do you recommend having my child register with a friend?

A: It’s not necessary, we’ll be mixing up the participants upon arrival and alternating groups and partners throughout


Q: How can I register for the workshop?

A: Please see ticket above

Q: Is this event just for girls?

A: Although our target audience is girls, everyone is welcomed! 

Q: What COVID-19 safety measures will be in place during the workshop?

A: Participants are not required to wear a mask, but it’s totally up to them. We will have sanitizer onsite as well as individually wrapped refreshments. If you are not feeling well, please stay home, there will be plenty more where this comes from!

Any additional questions, please email Cas at


Storytime & Crafts
(ages 5-7)

It was definitely a jam packed hour with the kiddos. We started with some colouring and LEGO as the kids arrived, then headed straight over the the mats for story time. We listened to the very first episode of "Audio Adventures" (our podcast - woot woot!) and discussed the themes around feelings of embarrassment and learning how to laugh at yourself. Then we cranked up the volume to 110 for active games and team challenges before designing our very own sunglasses for summer. 

The event ended with a mini marketplace where participants could use their play money to purchase small toys and stationery items. 

CANNOT wait for the next one :)

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DIY Bedroom Decor and Cupcake Decorating
(ages 11-14)

Here's how the day went:

12:30pm: the girls were greeted in the lobby where they got a complimentary bottle of water and filled out their smoothie order forms. We then played a couple of icebreaker games while watching music videos on the projector. 

1pm: Stenciled Canvas Painting

2pm: SMOOTHIE TIME. We sat in the lounge and got to know  a little better... this ended in a group game of hide and seek in the office 

3pm: Cupcake Decorating. We made sprinkle-filled "Pinata Cupcakes" to take home. 

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