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Face Painters in Toronto and the GTA are actually quite easy to come across (there are a ton of us lol), it's just a matter of finding the right fit for you and your guests.

When booking a Face Painter for your party or event, it’s important to have an idea of:

  • How many children you are expecting

  • The length of time needed to get everyone's face painted (our simple face paint designs take 5-7 minutes per child, which allows us to move through your line pretty quickly (freeing up time for other activities like balloon animals and glitter tattoos)

  • Other activities you have planned (eg. face painting doesn't mix well with pool/swimming parties)

  • Your budget!

Why book a Face Painter:

  • Kids LOVE it

  • Looks great in photos

  • Kids LOVE it... lol

COST: $250 for 2 Hours, $55/hr additionally (can be mixed/matched with balloon animals and glitter tattoos at no added cost)


"Balloon puppies are better than real puppies because they don't poop on the floor" - Evan, 4 years old

A quick and easy way to add some colour to your event! Balloons are a safe bet when you’re expecting large numbers and looking for that “wow factor”. Each Balloon takes a minute or less to make, plus they look amazing in photos. Wondering what we can make ya? Here’s a list of what we’ve got on our menu:

  • SwordsBelts, HatsFlowersPuppies, DogsKittens, CatsDinosaursCrocodilesGiraffesTigersLionsTeddy BearsMonkeysLady BugsTurtlesMice and more!


COST: $250 for 2 Hours, $55/hr additionally (can be mixed/matched with face painting and glitter tattoos at no added cost)


Fun, Fast, and Fancy; suitable for any child! Each tattoos takes 2-3 minutes to apply and lasts for 1-3 days. We use Prosthetic Theatre Glue (contains latex) for application and they come off easily with makeup remover, baby oil, or cooking oil. 

We can take requests for themed stencils, but here's just a taste of what we have cookin' on the regular:

  • Sports Teams Logos (Raptors, Maple Leafs etc)ButterflyBatmanUnicornSuperheroHello KittyPineapplesPaw PrintSkullStarsHeart and more! 

COST: $250 for 2 Hours, $55/hr additionally (can be mixed/matched with balloon animals and face painting at no added cost)

active games &

Ready-set-go! It’s an action-packed hour bursting with supercharged games and challenges to make kids run, jump, shake and sweat. Think: “a super fun gym class”.

Our certified fun-expert will deliver a one-of-a-kind experience that blends independent activities, tag-team games, and heart-racing group challenges. From wild relay races to epic obstacle courses and minute to win it, there's never a dull moment!

We provide all of the necessary equipment and supplies. Safety is our number one priority, so rest assured, our games and challenges are crafted with the utmost care and consideration.



  • This service is best for children ages 7 and up with a maximum age gap of 3 years between the youngest and oldest participant (if there will be a few younger children, that is fine, just let us know)

  • Please ensure that there is enough space for the active games and for children to run around (free of tables, equipment, and chairs)

  • If your space is smaller, we can focus more on challenges, opting out of the running games as long as we know in advance

  • Groups of 10-20 children are ideal, larger groups may require an additional staff

COST: $250

dance party

A great option for dancers and non-dancers alike. The choreography is basic hip hop (big, fun and not intimidating), participants will learn choreography, explore transitions, have freestyle moments and finish with a dance performance & games. If your child has song requests, we’re open to that too, just let us know in advance. We bring our own sound system, all we need is open space. 


Class Structure:

10 minutes - Introduction and Ice Breakers

20 minutes - Instructional

15 minutes - Group/Partner Work

10 minutes - Rehearsals

5 minutes - Final Performance & Photos



  • This service is best for children ages 7 and up with a maximum age gap of 3 years between the youngest and oldest participant (if there will be a few younger children, that is fine, just let us know)

  • Please ensure that there is enough space for the dancers (free of tables, equipment, and chairs)

  • Groups of 5-12 children are ideal, larger groups may require an additional staff

COST: $250

slime station

A fun and interactive slime-making activity that doubles as a take-home party favour. Kids will have a blast creating their own unique slime under the guidance of our slime expert. We can accommodate up to 5 children at a time, in three 20 minute rotations (15 children per hour) to ensure that everyone gets personalized attention.

We provide all the necessary supplies, materials, and equipment for the slime-making process. From colorful glitters to colourings and our secret slime activator, we have everything covered. Once the rotation is complete, we package up the slimes and set them to the side to go home with participants.

Important Notes:

  • We use our own 6t table and prefer to set up on a floor as opposed to carpeted area (in case of spills)

  • Recommended for children over 6 years 

  • The price includes supplies for 15 children, so if there are leftovers, we can have children make more than one slime (great for the birthday kid)

  • We set the slimes aside for you to distribute at the end of the party (this avoids any mess at your venue)

COST: $300 for the first hour (15 slimes), $100/hr additionally (15 slimes/hr)

paint party

The Paint Party Package is perfect for young artists aged 8 and up! We provide a creative and fun-filled 1.5 hour service where up to 12 children can express their creativity through canvas painting in an hour and a half. With all materials and supplies included (paints, paint brushes, canvases, glitters, aprons, pencils etc), there's no fuss for parents and plenty of fun for the kids. All we need is space!


Optional stencils are provided to guide children, ensuring that they can create a masterpiece regardless of their skill level. To boost the energy levels and keep those creative juices flowing, we also provide music throughout the party and light icebreaker activities at the beginning.

It’s not just a painting session; it's a unique experience that nurtures creativity, builds confidence, and most importantly, is A LOT of fun.

Why choose the Paint Party:

  • Engaging and entertaining, especially for tweens 

  • The canvas painting doubles as a take-home party favour

  • It's a unique party experience brought to you

  • Creates great photo opportunities

Best Practices:

  • It's recommended that the party take place on a hard surface

  • Ideally the party will begin with the painting and THEN food and cake, so the canvases have time to dry before kids take them home

  • We provide aprons, but still recommend that participants wear older clothing that can get a little messy

COST: $400

activity/craft stations

Free play is underrated, and we are here to tell you all of the reasons why activity and craft stations are a great option for kids parties and events!

  • Kids can unleash their creativity and have a blast

  • Provides an outlet for participants who might be a little more reserved

  • Children can choose how to participate

  • Inclusive for multiple age groups

  • Adults can participate with children as well


These stations come fully equipped with all necessary supplies and materials for a hassle-free set up. You can add these onto your existing booking for an additional fee or rent the station separately (clients are responsible for pick up and drop off in Scarborough)

COST: $40-$100 depending on activity

how to book

If you're interested in booking or want to get more info, it's as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Fill out the Inquiry/Booking Form with all of your event details, date, time, questions and requests (it's really quick)

2. We'll reach out within 24 hours to answer all questions and confirm availability

3. You'll receive a contract/invoice to review and pay a deposit to secure your date 

4. We're locked and loaded :)

Communication is ongoing up until the day of your event, so please feel free to reach out if you just want to touch base before the big day


So you wanna know what to expect when it comes to pricing? Gotcha. We pride ourselves in being upfront with all costs so you can choose the best option for... YOU!

All of our pricing is based on time! Our "Mix and Match" package can be applied to Face Painting, Glitter Tattoos, and Balloon Animals at no added cost to our clients and friends.  Please note that the "Mix and Match" package does not include Dance or Slime parties.

We bring all materials and supplies (including craft items, containers, chairs, table, and tablecloth)

Mix and Match (per entertainer, 2 hour minimum booking)

(Face Painting, Glitter Tattoos, Balloon Animals)

* includes your choice of one, two or all three services at no added cost

2 Hours, $250 

Each Additional Hour (after 2 hours), $55/hour

Active Games & Challenges (1 instructor, 1 hour)

1 Hour (up to 20 participants), $250

* includes all materials and supplies

Hip Hop Dance Party (1 instructor, 1 hour)

1 Hour (up to 12 participants), $250

* includes all materials and supplies

Slime Station

1 Hour (15 slimes), $300. $100/hour additionally (15 slimes per hour)

* includes all materials and supplies

Paint Party

1.5 Hour (up to 12 participants), $400

* includes all materials and supplies

* $25-$50 Travel Fee applies for all venues outside of Toronto Proper (Toronto considered postal code beginning with "M")

Corporate Events CLICK HERE


Q: I don't need the full two hours, can I book only one?

A: Our minimum booking time is 2 hours - you'd be surprised how busy the kids keep us (lol). If your entertainer finishes early, they will continue "a la carte" service for children to get more balloons, tattoos, and added face paint. Alternatively, if you let us know ahead of time, they can arrive early to help set up, or assist with cake/clean up :) 

Q: Do you offer discounts for non-profits and charities?

A: Yup, each year we choose 4 community/charitable organizations to work with, please reach out in advance!

Q: Do I have to tip the entertainer?

A: Please don't feel obligated to tip your entertainer, we pride ourselves on paying staff VERY fairly. With that being said, if you would like to tip your entertainer, that is completely fine

Q: What do the entertainers wear?

A: Our entertainers wear a black company t shirt with out logo in white, along with activewear bottoms. If you have a formal event, please let us know in advance so that we can wear all black business casual

Q: Can I request a preferred gender for my entertainer?

A: For sure! On our booking form, there is a space for this. Most of our staff are women and we are quite limited when it comes to male staff

Q: Do I have to pay a deposit?

A: Yes, a $100 deposit is required upon confirmation of booking. We will send you an invoice OR you can e-transfer (whatever works best for you)

Q: What payment types do you accept?

A: Cash, e-transfer, and online (through the website)

Q: When/how do I pay the entertainer?

A: You can pay your entertainer AFTER the service. Most clients have the payment tucked in a discreet envelope to hand to the entertainer on their way out. Please be sure to double check the counting. If you are paying the balance online, you can complete the payment once the entertainer wraps up. 

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