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Balloons and Face Painting are the perfect addition to any event where children will be present! Balloons add colour, look great in photos, are fairly quick, and get many kids serviced in a small amount of time. Face Painting is ALWAYS a hit with the little ones and a special treat - in addition to Face Paint, we will also bring Glitter Tattoos for those who prefer something on their hand. 


Booking Your Event Entertainment:

Please fill out the Booking Form Here - we just ask for the basics of your event (location, load in, parking, insurance etc) and any special requirements so that we can provide you with the best service. 



Clear communication is key! We can discuss details via phone, text and/or email. At the end of each discussion, an email will be sent to make sure we’re on the same page and nothing gets missed. Leading up to your event, please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, or just want to touch base!


Set Up:

On event day, we’ll show up a tad early to get prepared. We will ask for 6 ft tables and chairs to be set up ahead of time, if you cannot provide these, no worries, we will bring our own (just let us know!)



Available payment methods are credit (through online payment via our website, up to $1000), cheque (preferred), and cash. We will be sure to provide you with a receipt and our HST number for your records. 


Important to Note:

Balloon Animals are quick, we provide single-balloon options @ about 1 minute each

= 50-60 balloons/hour per entertainer


Face Painting

We offer 10-12 set designs to help us move through lineups @ 5 minutes each and 1 minute disinfection reset between faces

= 10 faces/hour per entertainer


Line Management:

If you are expecting over 50 children, we will provide Face Painting tickets to be distributed (this will help to eliminate the disappointment of standing in line and not getting the opportunity to get serviced). If Balloon lines are extensive, we will cut the line 30-60 minutes prior to end time. 


Upfront pricing is what we pride ourselves on, we’d hate to waste your time or ours!


Face Painting and Glitter Tattoos (offered together, both services at once)

$250 for the first two hours

$55/hr additionally


Unlimited Balloon Animals

$290 for the first two hours

$75/hr additionally 


Q: Why do Balloons cost more than Face Painting?

A: The cost of supplies is what drives the pricing, we can easily go through multiple bags of balloons at one event lol


Q: Why do you need to know the load-in/parking details ahead of time?

A: For planning purposes and time management on our part. For example, some events require us to drop off supplies in advance and then park our vehicle before walking back, some venues have a ton of stairs. 

Q: Do you disinfect between faces when face painting?

A: Yes, we use a 70% alcohol spray


Q: Our event requires insurance, can you accommodate? If so, what is the added fee?

A: For sure! Please let us know what's required and the additional cost is $20-$30


Q: Our event is outside of Toronto and we’ve booked multiple staff, do we have to pay a travel fee for each staff?

A: We all come from different part of the city, but when our clients book more than 4 staff, we’ll do our best to arrange in-house carpools to keep costs down


Q: Do you require us to provide tables and chairs?

A: We do prefer if clients can provide tables and chairs (we’ll bring the tablecloths), but if you cannot, that’s fine too, we can bring our own

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