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This is a great option for any party, providing you have the space! We bring all materials and equipment. Most of these games are similar to the activities children play in gym class and in summer camps. The objective is to tire them out, get them seated for pizza/cake and bust a move outta there. Here are our top reasons to go with Interactive Games and Challenges:

  • Gets kids involved and working together

  • Builds new friendships and connections

  • Gets kids moving (make em' sweat!)

  • Perfect time to set up and prepare food (while the kids are out of the way)

  • Activities change every 5 minutes (so participants stay engaged)

  • Great for photos and videos 

  • Can be mixed with Interactive Dance (half dance, half games)


Q: I'm having a party with majority pre-school aged children, can you accommodate?

A: Absolutely, we can come equipped with age-appropriate options. For younger children we recommend caregiver participation

Q: Is my basement enough space to run the activities?

A: Most basements are perfect. We just ask that you clear as much space as possible before we arrive!

Q: I've got a mixture of ages, can we still do active games?

A: We'll touch base with you beforehand to discuss the majority age and your preferences.

Q: Do you bring prizes?

A: We typically do not bring prizes, however we can arrange prizes at an added cost. You can also provide your own prizes and we can distribute :)

Q: Our party is outdoors, can you run games outside?

A: Outside is PERFECT! If it is hot, we will look for a shady area and make time for water breaks. 

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