Glitter Tattoos

Fun, Fast, and Fancy suitable for Boys and Girls! Each tattoos takes 2-3 minutes to apply and lasts for 1-3 days. We use Prosthetic Theatre Glue (you know, the same stuff they use to adhere false noses and eyebrows?) Application is easy, and tattoos are removable with just a little baby oil or cooking oil. 


We can take requests for themed stencils, but here's just a taste of what we have cookin' on the regular:


Sports Teams Logos (Raptors, Maple Leafs, etc.)





Hello Kitty


Paw Print




And more! 



Q: I’m having a themed party, can I request themed stencils?

A: Yes, so long as it is at least 10 days prior to your party/event we can whip you up a lil' somethin'-somethin'


Q: How can I make my tattoo last longer?

A: Try not to scrub the area when washing, avoid getting any oils on the tattoo


Q: How can I remove my tattoo?

A: To remove your tattoo, you can use any oil – baby oil or cooking oil will do the trick, or just wait it out


Q: I have adults coming to my party, what adult tattoos do you recommend?

A: Adults can choose from any of the children’s stencils, but usually they stick to simpler glitter colours such as gold, silver, and black. We’ve seen adults get letters or numbers of significance, even roman numerals for a more grown up look (don’t forget to request special adult micro-tattoo stencils)