Slime Station

We know what you're thinking: "How cool?", right? Well, we've got you. The Slime Station is super fun, plus, kids get something to take home.. which means (drumroll please) you don't have to buy junky or overpriced items for loot bags. We recommend the Slime Station for children ages 6 and up.


The craft takes 20 minutes to complete start to finish and includes a resealable plastic container and name tag.


Craft is done in groups of 6 children at a time (children under age 5 to be accompanied by adult or older sibling as making slime can be INTENSE). Package includes the materials for first 6 children, each additional child will run you $2 each (this covers the cost of container, glue, and other supplies.) We provide the table and all materials needed. NO MESS! We pinky promise.


Keep in mind, since this craft is done in small groups, if you are expecting a large group of children there will be some downtime between rotations. You can book a second entertainer OR book our LEGO to keep kids occupied. 



Q: How many Children can participate at once?

A: Maximum group size is 6 children per rotation. Children 5 years and under must be accompanied by a parent or older sibling to participate (things can get messy with the little ones!)

Q: I have more than the maximum number of children who want to do the SLIME Craft, what should I do?

A: We recommend having the craft done in two 30 minute sessions, half of the children at a time OR booking 2 Entertainers for two slime stations

Q: What type of glue and activator do you guys use?

A: We use Elmers white school glue and Contact Solution as an activator (safe for the skin.. safe for the eyes..)

Q: How long does the SLIME Craft take from beginning to end?

A: The craft takes about 20-30 minutes beginning to end

Q: What type of set up do I need?

A: Just space! We bring a 6 foot folding SLIME table. If you have carpet, please let us know so we can bring dropsheets

Q: Do you clean up afterwards?

A: Yes we do. Our SLIME Station is pretty self-contained. Please note, we maintain the SLIME craft area only. If you do not want children opening up the SLIME afterwards please ensure there is adult supervision and that children know not to open it up.

Q: Do the kids get messy?

A: Generally, no. But it's a good idea to let parents know to dress them in a short sleeve t-shirt.