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slime station

A fun and interactive slime-making activity that doubles as a take-home party favour. Kids will have a blast creating their own unique slime under the guidance of our slime expert. We can accommodate up to 5 children at a time, in three 20 minute rotations (15 children per hour) to ensure that everyone gets personalized attention.

We provide all the necessary supplies, materials, and equipment for the slime-making process. From colorful glitters to colourings and our secret slime activator, we have everything covered. Once the rotation is complete, we package up the slimes and set them to the side to go home with participants.

Important Notes:

  • We use our own 6t table and prefer to set up on a floor as opposed to carpeted area (in case of spills)

  • Recommended for children over 6 years 

  • The price includes supplies for 15 children, so if there are leftovers, we can have children make more than one slime (great for the birthday kid)

  • We set the slimes aside for you to distribute at the end of the party (this avoids any mess at your venue)

COST: $300 for the first hour (15 slimes), $100/hr additionally (15 slimes/hr)

ATC Slime 4.jpg


Q: How many Children can participate at once?

A: We do three 15 minute rotations with 5 minute supply reset in between, 5 children at a time

Q: How do children take home the slime?

A: Upon completion of the craft, we package each participants slime into a resealable container. We hold onto these until the end of the party, so that children don't make a huge mess, lol

Q: I have more than the maximum number of children who want to do the SLIME Craft, what should I do?

A: You can book additional time and we'll have the slime station running longer

Q: What type of glue and activator do you guys use?

A: We use Elmers school glue and Contact Lens Solution as an activator.

Q: What type of set up do I need?

A: Just a clear space, we bring our own table (that can get all messy). Children do the activity standing at the table 

Q: My party is small, if there aren't 15 children, can kids go more than once?

A: For sure!

how to book

If you're interested in booking or want to get more info, it's as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Fill out the Inquiry/Booking Form with all of your event details, date, time, questions and requests (it's really quick)

2. We'll reach out within 24 hours to answer all questions and confirm availability

3. You'll receive a contract/invoice to review and pay a deposit to secure your date 

4. We're locked and loaded :)

Communication is ongoing up until the day of your event, so please feel free to reach out if you just want to touch base before the big day

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