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paint party

The Paint Party Package is perfect for young artists aged 8 and up! We provide a creative and fun-filled service where up to 12 children can express their creativity through canvas painting in an hour and a half. With all materials and supplies included (paints, paint brushes, canvases, glitters, aprons, pencils etc), there's no fuss for parents and plenty of fun for the kids. All we need is space!


Optional stencils are provided to guide children, ensuring that they can create a masterpiece regardless of their skill level. To boost the energy levels and keep those creative juices flowing, we also provide music throughout the party and light icebreaker activities at the beginning.

It’s not just a painting session; it's a unique experience that nurtures creativity, builds confidence, and most importantly, is A LOT of fun.

Why choose the Paint Party:

  • Engaging and entertaining, especially for tweens 

  • The canvas painting doubles as a take-home party favour

  • It's a unique party experience brought to you

  • Creates great photo opportunities

Best Practices:

  • It's recommended that the party take place on a hard surface

  • Ideally the party will begin with the painting and THEN food and cake, so the canvases have time to dry before kids take them home

  • We provide aprons, but still recommend that participants wear older clothing that can get a little messy

COST: $400

Paint Party 3.jpg
Paint Party 1.jpg
Paint Party 2.jpg


Q: What if I have a few children under age 8?

A: Because we have only one facilitator for the session, we want children will be as independent as possible for overall quality of experience. If there is a participant or two who are a bit younger, they can be accompanied by an adult to help them throughout the process OR you can book a second facilitator for an additional fee

Q: How do the stencils work?

A: We’ve got a variety of stencils that kids can choose from (unicorn, cupcake, flower, superhero logos, hello kitty etc). Using a pencil, they trace the stencil then get to freehand painting. If your party has a specific theme, just let us know ahead of time and we’ll create some unique stencils. Stencils are optional, children will be shown a few techniques before beginning and are free to choose the project they create

Q: What if kids want to do more than one canvas?

A: As long as we have the time, children can paint another canvas for an additional fee of $4/canvas (this also covers the cost of supply, paint and glitter usage). We find that kids typically only have enough time for one, though. Ultimately, it is up to the client :) We will discuss these options before booking

Q: What about the mess?

A: We recommend having this party on a non-carpeted area. All paints are water-based acrylic, so they’re easy to remove from hard surfaces (not so much from clothing). We can also bring a tarp to put down underneath the working area. This party includes aprons to help protect children’s clothing. It is still recommended that children wear older clothing in case some paint does get on them


Q: What kind of set up is required?

A: Just tables and chairs in an open space. We will bring table coverings

Q: What does clean up look like?

A: We have the children put their brushes into a water solution upon completion, then roll up the table coverings and mess. We bring our own garbage bags and will take the garbage with us

Q: How long do you need to set up and clean up?

A: For set up, we will arrive 30 minute prior to start time and we require about 20 minutes to clean up and vacate the space

how to book

If you're interested in booking or want to get more info, it's as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Fill out the Inquiry/Booking Form with all of your event details, date, time, questions and requests (it's really quick)

2. We'll reach out within 24 hours to answer all questions and confirm availability

3. You'll receive a contract/invoice to review and pay a deposit to secure your date 

4. We're locked and loaded :)

Communication is ongoing up until the day of your event, so please feel free to reach out if you just want to touch base before the big day

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