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Hosting A Party For A Child With Special Needs?

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It’s not as difficult as you’d expect. Although you’ll likely have more restrictions, it’s helpful to see these restrictions as guidelines - which in turn will make your decision making processes even easier to navigate.


- Calm, clear, and calculated. Set the tone with some light music, an open space (not too much fragrance), and don’t forget about your environmental scan.

If possible, include a quiet corner or room for children who need to recharge or take a break


- Decide if you want a mixture of abilities, or a party specifically for children with special needs and their parents (this is super cute, and a great opportunity to connect with other parents)


- With a ton of food restrictions it can be tough to accommodate, there are many specialty bakeries and catering services, but another idea would be to have a “picnic” themed party where children bring a packed lunch and eat together

- Purchase packaged snacks to ensure no cross contamination (labels will show “peanut-free” etc)

- You can have pizza on hand for those who are able to eat it, depending on the age of children, we just wouldn’t want anyone getting left out


- Do this close to arrival time and BEFORE pizza/cake

- Keep it short and focus on the interests of the child

- Change activities frequently

- No longer than 15 minutes “organized” fun (active games and dance)

- Encourage parents to participate with their children if possible

- Free play time (ask us to bring LEGO)

- Have everything prepared and ready for seamless transitions

Share with us your experiences, tips, and tricks. Happy party planning!

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