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The Early Bird Gets the Fun: Why Morning Birthday Parties are a Win-Win for Kids and Parents

Planning your kids birthday party can be stressful and chaotic. Running around, picking up last minute supplies, confirming catering, setting up the decorations and all of that good stuff. BUT have you ever considered hosting a party in the morning? There are a TON of benefits to a morning party…

Less Stress

You don't have to worry about providing a full meal or coordinating with other activities. Most importantly, an early start time means an early end time (HELLO!) After tidying up, you’ll have the rest of the day to yourself.

Fun Themes

The first thing that comes to mind is, "Pyjama Party"! What if all you had to do was is wake up, brush teeth, wash faces and maybe neaten up hair? You can also theme some really cute stuff around pancakes, waffles, and fruits.

Better Availability

Scheduling a party early in the day means that guests are less likely to have other commitments, like sports games, errands, or afternoon naps. This can lead to a higher turnout and fewer last-minute cancellations. Plus, kids are usually up early in the morning anyways, so let’s tire them out!

Creating An Experience For Parents

If parents are staying, you can plan a mimosa corner, coffee bar, tea stand, and pastries. If parents are simply dropping off their children, you can give them a coffee and croissant for the road (look at you, you're a hero).


Simple breakfast foods like muffins, fruit, yogurt, pancakes, waffles, and (turkey) bacon are WAY more cost effective than some of the heavier foods required for lunch/dinner. Plus, morning parties don't typically call for wild decorations, as long as you have some cute signage, cutlery, and serveware around your spread, you’re good. Elaborate entertainment is also unnecessary, simply plan some fun activities/crafts for the group!

With that being said, we’d love to come by and do some themed Face Painting, Glitter Tattoos and Balloon Animals ;)

Important to note: music is a requirement at EVERY party, even morning parties, so cue up that playlist, baby.

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