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Hip Hop Dance Workshop (2 Hours, $400)
A two hour interactive workshop designed to promote teamwork in a fun and supportive
environment. This option is great for beginner dancers looking to gain new skills as well as more
experienced dancers just looking to break a sweat and have a good time. The first half of this
workshop is instructional while the second half challenges participants to put their skills to use in
choreographing a routine with classmates. Each workshop ends with mini-performances and
Recommended for children 8 years and up with a maximum 3 year age gap between oldest and
youngest participants, up to 40 participants with adequate spacing.

Drama/Improv Workshop (2 Hours, $400)
This fun and engaging workshop uses drama and improv as tools to help children develop their
problem-solving skills through a variety of fun and interactive exercises. Games and group work
encourage participants to think on their feet, work collaboratively, and come up with creative
solutions to challenges. We work with all levels, and are certain that children will benefit from the
opportunity to develop social skills, build confidence, make new friends, and get silly.
Recommended for children 8 years and up with a maximum age range of 3 years between
youngest and oldest participant, up to 40 participants with adequate spacing.

Creative Writing Workshop (2 Hours, $400 + $10/participant consumable fee)
Inspiring the next generation of writers! In this workshop, children will learn the basics of
storytelling and creative writing through engaging writing exercises designed to spark their
imagination. Participants are guided through the writing process, from brainstorming to crafting
compelling characters and plots. Young writers learn how to structure a story, develop a unique
voice, and use descriptive language to captivate readers. By the end of the workshop, children
will have written their own original piece and have had the option to share with the group.
Includes all materials and supplies as well as “take home” goodies.
Recommended for children 10 years and up with a maximum age range of 3 years between
youngest and oldest participant, up to 25 participants.

Tween Crafts and Conversations (2 Hours, $400 + $20/participant consumable fee)
In this program, we dive deep into relatable stories through a fictional blog written by our main
character, Evie. Evie is a 13 year old girl in the 8th grade who shares her experiences moving to
a new city, making friends (and keeping them), and surviving middle school. Through her
writing, we witness Evie’s life triumphs and trials, complete with embarrassing moments (like
that time that her training bra fell out of her backpack on the school bus) and sometimes
challenging situations.
After reading her blog posts, the group will engage in meaningful discussion and discourse,
sharing their opinions and potential advice for our beloved Evie. We explore themes related to
friendship, academic issues, transitioning into a teenager, independence, problem solving, and
more. Each discussion ends with a themed craft for participants to take home.

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