Please note that All The Craze Entertainment Services are currently on pause. We want to make sure that we're putting our health (and your health) at the forefront of the company. Given the nature of our VERY FUN work, we refuse to compromise the integrity of the services you pay for. So, friends, we will keep the website updated in anticipation for our return. Please drop your email address below to be kept in the know! 

Our New-ish Take On 

Children's Entertainment

From Birthday Parties to Bedtime Stories, baby WE ARE HERE!! All The Craze Entertainment is sooo looking forward to taking a deep dive right into the creative. We're talking the introduction of "Audio Adventures" (a kids storytelling podcast exploring a wide range of themes and kid-friendly dilemmas), creative projects for the fam, more YouTube videos, colouring sheets and even more!

In addition to all that stuff, we are launching an online shop. Yup, a shop of our very own. You can now order your cupcake/cake toppers, a variety of surprise boxes, and personalized items. 

"Are you still doing birthday parties?", you ask. Well, of course, but a little differently for the time being. We will no longer offer Face Painting or Tattoos. Instead, the focus will be on Dance Parties, Craft Parties, and Character visits.

Entertainment Services