Back In Action, Ready To Rock & Roll!

From Birthday Parties to Bedtime Stories, baby WE ARE HERE!! All The Craze Entertainment is sooo looking forward to taking a deep dive right into the creative. We're talking the introduction of "Audio Adventures" (a kids storytelling podcast exploring a wide range of themes and kid-friendly dilemmas), creative projects for the fam, more YouTube videos, colouring sheets and even more!

In addition to all that stuff, we are launching an online shop. Yup, a shop of our very own. You can now order your cupcake/cake toppers, a variety of surprise boxes, and personalized items. 

"Are you still doing birthday parties?", you ask. Well, of course, but a little differently for the time being. We will no longer offer Face Painting or Tattoos. Instead, the focus will be on Dance Parties, Craft Parties, and Character visits.

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