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About the event:

The event is a yearly Canada Day celebration at Downsview Park (70 Canuck Ave, North York, ON M3K 2C5). It's well attended with lots of families, there are music performances, food, vendors, and fireworks at 9pm to close out!

About the shift:

There are 8 staff total, so lots of support. Jessica will be coordinating on the day of the event, please arrive by 3:30 to get settled in and set up for a 4pm start time. All materials and supplies will be there for you. The venue is taking care of out set up, we are outdoors under tents - 4 tables (2 staff per table) and 16 chairs (one for each staff and one for each patron). 


We will be working through to 9pm at $40/hr so $200 total. Payment is two weeks from the event date. 

For anyone driving, your name is on the employee parking list, when you pull in drive towards the smaller parking lot (you’ll see the other vendors vehicles straight ahead). 

At the event, please remain professional and calm (things can get hectic, especially towards the end)- if you have an issue, you can reach out to Jessica, YOU are always first priority. If anyone asks, you’re an experienced face painter. If you mess up, it’s all good - just wipe away and start fresh with confidence - don’t laugh, demean, or make fun of yourself/your skills (we are not “volunteers”, but paid professionals, just keep that in mind because you never know who is around).



We always have such long lineups, so we're sticking to 4 designs for people to choose from (see below), they are all fairly simple and should take 3-4 minutes per face. If you want to meet up or go over designs, you can come to my house on Friday evening at 8-9pm. 

For the maple leaf stencils, they are very sticky, so before applying to someone’s cheek, remove some of the adhesive by spraying lightly with alcohol and letting it sit for 5 seconds. Afterwards, gently press down the inner edges of the stencil to get sharp lines and leave the outer edges unpressed for easy removal. Use a new stencil for each face and throw away the used stencils. 


Each of you will get a printed sheet of the designs to keep at your station so kids can choose and you can reference them. 

For people requesting different designs, use your discretion. You can let them know that we have to stick to what’s on the sheet in order to get as many people painted as possible before fireworks begin.


Please keep a neat and clean workspace (this can be tough). When you notice your workspace getting cluttered or dirty looking, take a minute to reset, wipe down the table, wash your hands etc. 

You will have one mini plastic cup for clean water, one green plastic cup to hold your brushes, and one paper cup for dirty water (you can dump the water onto the grass as well).

Please keep one brush per colour or make sure to wash them out very well.. the minute red gets into the white, it’s super difficult to get rid of - sometimes you even have to switch out your water before dipping into the white.


Between clients, be sure to spray your brushes with alcohol as well as your paints and the empty mini cup for your brushes. 


You do not need to change the mini cup with each client, just disinfect it and wipe it with your paper towel between faces. If the cup cracks or gets dingy, throw it away and grab a new one. 

Other Tips:

- Make sure to bring a water bottle and a nut free snack if needed

- Take your time and try not to feel rushed, each face should take about 3-4 minutes to complete. Pace yourself throughout the shift

- It’s best to use the washroom beforehand, but if you need to use it during the event, there are portable washrooms set up at the venue. 

- If you don’t already have a company shirt, Jessica will bring one for you.

- The night before the event, I’ll add everyone to a WhatsApp group so you can correspond, then I will delete the group after the event.

- About an hour before the event finishes, Jessica will hand out Face Paint tickets to cut off the lines in time for Fireworks. Collect these tickets back to make sure people aren't handing them off to others.

- If you have lots of time left and finish your line early, you can take people from another line (as each table will have their own lineup) 


Thank you so darn much for being a part of my company and making kids smile! Any other questions, please reach out! 

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