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A complete blast and perfect addition to any party. Henna Tattoos last an average of 5-10 days and are usually applied to the hand/forearm area. Enjoy our flowery and detailed patterns. We add glitter and gems to make you shine (see photo)


- They last 5-10 days

- Complete "wow" factor

- Looks great in photos

- Adults love them too


- Not the best for younger kids, as the paste can smudge if not dry

- Application times range from 5-10 minutes, so we're really only entertaining one guest at a time


Q: Would you recommend this activity for young children?

A: Absolutely not lol! The Henna takes 10-15 minutes to dry and will smudge easily before that. For the little guys, try Glitter Tattoos! 

Q: Do you do intricate designs?

A: Most of our designs are "Tattoo" style (see photo). Traditional henna is extremely detailed and time consuming, with that being said, we will gear our designs based on the amount of time you book and the number of guests you're expecting

Q: How can I make my tattoo last longer?

A: After henna is applied, it takes about 10-15 minutes to dry and peel. The longer you leave the tattoo on without peeling it off, the darker your tattoo will be. A safe bet, is not washing off the henna for at least 5-8 hours

Q: Do you us black henna?

A: No, No, and No!!!!

ATC Henna Design.jpg
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