Henna Tattoos

If you’re looking for something that will last up to two weeks, Henna Tattoos are your best option: popular among twens and adults! Simple tattoos take about 5 minutes to complete, while more complex designs can take up to 15 minutes each. We use the original henna paste, which is non-toxic and safe for your skin, we DO NOT use black henna. 


History Behind Henna

Henna is a form of temporary tattoo typically used for religious ceremonies, wedding festivals, and for simple body adornment. Henna is a tropical plant which grows in of parts of Africa, northern Australia, and southern Asia.


Q: How does henna work?

A: Once applied, the paste will dry on your skin. The longer you leave the dried paste on your skin, the darker your henna will turn out. If you scrub the henna off within the first hour, you will end up with an orange-toned tattoo that does not last as long. We recommend that you leave the dried paste on for a minimum of 5 hours. 

Q: Will henna stain my clothes?

A: Yes it will, when wet. Until your henna dries fully (takes up to 20 minutes), you should be very careful not to touch your clothing or smudge your design

Q: How can I remove my henna tattoo?

A: We’ve seen people use olive oil, lemon juice, and handmade scrubs.