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Sign in and join colouring table



Story time and Questions



Active Games


Craft time


Snacks and Music


Pick up/sign out and Marketplace



The two stories that the group is diving into are:

1. Everybody Launches Air Biscuits - a story where our beloved friend, Belinda accidentally farts in front of her entire class (talk about embarrassing)

2. Sleepover at Aunt Frankie's - Tanisha loves spending time with her Aunt Frankie (she's the coolest) and has a hard time saying goodbye

Parents can read the stories ahead of time here


We will be playing 4 active games, 3-5 min each. Please be sure that children are dressed comfortably with running shoes and a water bottle :)


Children will be designing paper sunglasses, then decorating REAL sunglasses with cases to take home. This craft is inspired by the "people watching" that Tanisha and Aunt Frankie do at a Pizza Shop. They'll never know you're staring if they can't see your eyes ;)


These are small, prepackaged and on the healthier side - menu will be finalized once we know any allergies or restrictions in the group.

Upon registration, all participants will fill out a form to indicate parent/guardian info, allergies, and any other special needs/requirements

Mini Marketplace:

Once the workshop wraps up, each child will receive 5 "craze dollars" to purchase stickers and bookmarks at the entrance



Q: Are parents allowed to stay?

A: For sure! If you feel more comfortable staying on-site, there's a seating area right outside of the room with tables and chairs

Q: What should my child bring?

A: Just a water bottle, comfortable clothing and running shoes

Q: What time should we arrive?

A: Ideally, 10:50am - we suggest that children use the washroom and get settled in

Q: When does registration close?

A: Registration is opened until July 3 OR until the program is full. There are 15 spots available

Q: What does the $20 registration fee cover?

A: All craft materials and supplies, snacks, and mini marketplace products

Q: What about families who can't afford the $20 registration fee?

A: No worries! A part of the ATC mission is equitable access, we do have spaces available for everyone. Please email 

Q: What if my child requires additional assistance?

A: Feel free to support as throughout the workshop or have a caregiver present

Q: My child will be turning 5 soon, can they still register?

A: Yes, children who are turning 5 in the next 3 months are allowed to register

Q: Will you be hosting an event for children 8 years and up?

A: Yes! In the coming weeks, keep an eye out

Q: I can leave my child on site, but want to stay close by, any recommendations?

A: There is a Tim Hortons and McDonalds right up the street, also a Dollar Tree in the same plaza and No Frills in the plaza next door (you can get your groceries done in the meantime lol)

Q: What if I'm running late for pick up?

A: No worries, just call/text

Any other questions, email

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