In School Workshops


Our Urban Arts department encourages students to safely explore a variety of art forms from an anti-oppressive and equity driven framework. We’re cool, fun, and relatable. Our in-school workshops are interactive and inclusive, we adapt to all abilities and levels.


Using pop culture references, (social) media, and technology, this curriculum package engages students in a non-traditional way. We’re always adding new instructional videos and updated assignments to keep teachers up to date on the latest trends.

  • Teachers working guide

  • Pre-Workshop Activities (Hooks)

  • One 2 Hour in-school workshop for students grades 4-8 facilitated by All The Craze Entertainment Instructor (suitable for up to 60 students for Dance and 30 students for Drama) OR Two 1 Hour in-school workshops for students grades 1-3 facilitated by All The Craze Entertainment Instructor (suitable for up to 30 students, 2 classes back to back)

  • Post Workshop Activities (Consolidation)

  • 3 months access to our interactive instructional videos (or until completion of in class workshop)

  • Minimal planning for teachers, all assignments can be adjusted to meet individual classroom needs

  • Direct linkage to all Ontario Arts Curriculum Expectations (nothing gets missed)

  • We come to you! No booking school busses, or even worse, TTC and other public transportation. Easy-peasy

  • The in-school workshop facilitated by our instructors is a great opportunity to snag some photos and videos for your schools social media, website, yearbook, or end of year slideshow

  • Classes can double up and enjoy the fun, promoting inclusion and teamwork

  • Self guided learning for students

  • Easy booking processes