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Booking A Party Entertainer – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Adding an Entertainer to the agenda for your party should liven things up, give guests something to look forward to, and take a little pressure off of the party planner. It shouldn’t be a difficult, time consuming, or confusing process. Here’s what to look for:

Clear, Concise Communication

Whether it’s email, phone calls, or text messages – communication should be simple, straight to the point, and leave you feeling at ease. There’s nothing wrong with ongoing communication, check ins, and follow ups! If the person is warm, knowledgeable, honest, and consistent, you’re in good hands.

Booking Forms help make the process easier!

Services that cater to the INTERESTS of your Guests

When looking for services, think about your guests and what will keep them entertained. Be sure that the activities are age-appropriate (which can be difficult when you’ve got a huge age range).

For ALL ages: Balloon Animals, Glitter Tattoos, and Face Painting are great options

For School Aged Children (5-10yrs): Typically, anything will fly! These kids like to participate and can follow basic instructions, your best bet is to ask your child for input.

For Tweens: These guys can be tough, parents often struggle. Are they too old for an entertainer but too young for an unstructured party? Your best bet here is to go with something short and sweet, max 1 hour. SLIME, Bath Bombs, Hip Hop Dance, and Active Game/Challenges are all amazing choices. Encourage kids to take photos/videos to document their experience – I mean, that’s what tweens do anyways!


Try to have an idea of this BEFORE contacting your entertainment. You can expect to be “up-sold”, but stick to your budget! Call around, get quotes, look at reviews, carve out some time to do basic research. Email communication will help you stay organized and keep record or your conversations.

Ask about additional/hidden fees. Are they charging tax? Is there a travel fee? How about a consumable fee for crafts? Deposits? These are all questions you should ask.

Entertainment isn’t cheap.. especially good entertainment, so be careful where you try to cut corners.

To get the most “bang for your buck”, consider Balloon Animals (they’re very quick at just 1 minute each) and Glitter Tattoos as opposed to Face Painting if you’re expecting large numbers (to get through more children in less time).


Can you freely adjust your booking? Some places “yes”, some places “no”, and that’s fine, as long as you know beforehand. Ask for a contract or email confirmation, if you pay a deposit, request an invoice stating your updated balance. It’s always good to provide feedback after your event, good or bad, entertainers like to know this stuff to adjust services. You can fill out a Feedback Form or leave a Google Review

Look at pictures, speak with company representatives on the phone, trust your gut! Good luck little duck!

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