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7 Pieces of Advice For Your Next Boys Party

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Ok, we all know, boys are WILD. They love to run around, get dirty, and guide their own play which makes it tough to schedule party programming - or so you thought. So we've ranked our top 7 pieces of advice to help make your experience easier!

1. Keep it short, keep it simple, keep it saucy, boys like variety

  • We recommend starting with Active Games (to get the "sillies" out), then moving to a lower intensity activity (like Slime - some of our most popular among boys are "booger slime" and "bug slime"), and finish with a Tattoo Station and free play before moving onto cake/pizza

  • Switch activities every 20-30 minutes, allow them to peak, but never to drop

2. Whenever possible, get them moving, make them sweat

  • Our Active Games option includes many individual and team challenges to get kids up and moving

  • For "free play" time, offer a mix of quiet toys and play equipment like balls, pylons, hockey sticks etc

3. Listen to their interests and try to rope them in somehow

  • Putting a theme to things can really help, for example, let's go with LEGO Ninjago.. you can place the ninja "Nya" (water element) in the area where kids get water bottles and use Lloyd (the energy element Ninja) for the snack area, boom.. magic!

4. Get them excited beforehand, the buildup is everything

  • Let the kids know exactly what to expect, you can keep one or two things a surprise, but let them know there will be prizes, games and more

  • Create a flyer for the party, this may seem a little "over the top", but when you set the bar high from the beginning you will not fall short of excellence

  • Encourage them to wear comfortable clothing and bring their energy, it will be a fun day

5. Have "free-play" activities available for downtime

  • LEGO is perfect to have set up at a station, keeps kids occupied and in the zone

  • Sports equipment scattered through the room/outdoor area for kids to play with at their leisure, you should never hear, "I'm bored...".. never!

6. Get your photos strategically

  • If you're expecting all guests to arrive at the same time, grab those pics before the kids get sweaty and messy - have an area of the room dedicated to photos (clear area, nice background, good lighting, and one adult to direct the children)

  • If kids are arriving periodically, you can make a "game" out of it... essentially tricking them into doing your dirty work (muhahahaha). You can never go wrong with a Photo Scavenger Hunt, especially if the kids are a little older with a steady hand

  • You can also bribe the kids, so before pizza, cake, or loot bags we have to do group photos. Incentive is key

7. Give them something to talk about - loot bags, prizes, and giveaways

  • You don't have to break the bank on these, but if you have a huge budget or a small party you can do some really cool things. Personalized items are always a hit (water bottles, pencil cases etc), mini LEGO kits, supreme snacks, outdoor toys etc.

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